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fan club update

A major, major update!

If you’re an old reader, you may have noticed a change in the site design last weekend (you may also have been notified by email). Not only have their been cosmetic changes but there have been big changes under the hood too. Following is a rundown of what changed – and why – but some major personal news first. Guess who has ADHD? THIS GUY (just imagine me gesticulating with my thumbs). I realized in November that I’ve had (been?) ADHD my whole life (details will be forthcoming in the form of journal comics). This has been clinically confirmed and … Continue reading

is SEO bullshit

Is SEO bullsh*t or what?

Many of y’all know that I’m a web monkey – my dayjob is building & working on websites. I’ve been doing this for over 15y and consider myself to be more of a business consultant with some technical skills. I’ve learned a fair bit about SEO along the way. I started a newsletter on January 21, with the objective of attracting an audience. For ‘SEO purposes’ the newsletter issues are also available on my site (though published a few days after subscribers get them). A couple of SEO points I picked up during my years – pretty straightforward, basic stuff: … Continue reading

What’s Arp? Issue #6: Neil Gaiman, Authenticity, Patreon & Social Media

#6: Neil Gaiman, Authenticity, Patreon & Social Media

Good morning people! Our ranks are growing, and it’s nice to know that I’m not shooting missives into the ether. It would, however, be nice to hear from you sometime! I’d like to have a conservation rather than just spout (though it is helpful to get some stuff off my chest). /// Neil Gaiman & Authenticity I’ve been watching Neil Gaiman’s masterclass on The Art of Storytelling this week, on & off. It’s not a binge watching type of thing for me, where I’m trying to suck it all in fast as possible to Become a Better Writer Immediately. So … Continue reading

The best free Mailchimp popup

The best free Mailchimp popup

The built in Mailchimp popup feature sucks, like, major bungholios. It’s hidden amongst the Signup Forms as ‘Subscriber pop-up,’ has limited options, and no statistics. You can make it look ok but your control over who sees it is non-existent and you have no idea how well it’s doing. It just plain sucks. I added it to my site and never saw it once, whether I was logged in or in an incognito window. With no stats, I had no idea if anyone had seen it. The functionality is so limited it’s almost useless. A free WordPress popup plugin came … Continue reading

Print On Demand For Creatives

Print on Demand for Creatives

What is “Print On Demand?” Print on Demand (or POD for short) is both a process and a business model. The process is simply printing products on-demand (ie per order), on custom printers, with your designs. POD products range from perfect bound paperback books to a wide range of apparel, wall art, home decorations and more. The business model is where you work with a company to print products on your behalf. You pay the company for the printing and fulfillment (aka packing & shipping). All you do is design products, collect money, and provide support to your customers. It’s … Continue reading

Linktree style links page

How to create a Linktree style links page with GeneratePress Premium

I see a lot of people using Linktree & other services to create a ‘special’ & ‘pretty’ page of buttons instead of just linking to their homepage. It is a sensible idea to provide a mobile optimized set of links, especially if you have a specific link you want to direct people to from your latest post. But with the advent of WordPress’s block editor (aka Gutenberg), anyone with a WordPress website can easily make their own page. It may not look as pretty as Linktree or Milkshake but it could if you want to put some time into it. … Continue reading

blur close up composition craft

How to start a newsletter with Mailchimp & WordPress

Every creative entrepreneur needs a mailing list, unless you have a particularly good deal involving carrier pigeons. It’s the most personal and cost effective way to build a relationship with your fans. Marketing doesn’t have to be skeevy; sending emails is the best way to have a one-on-one interaction without invasive advertising. We’re going to use Mailchimp because it’s free plan is way more than enough for creatives to get started. Mailchimp also has outstanding documentation and there are tutorials up the wazoo online. This post is going to go over: How to create a Mailchimp account How to create … Continue reading

How to install WordPress

How to install WordPress the Easy Way

You wanna learn how to install WordPress and make a website? Are you a creative entrepreneur, or any old entrepreneur? You’re in luck because I finally got off my butt to start this video series, and it only took a pandemic to get me going. I look forward to sharing everything I know from building websites, configuring websites, designing websites, marketing, e-commerce, SEO – you name it. This first video on how to install WordPress covers the following: Why you need a website (and why not to rely on social media) How to install WordPress 1. Why do you need … Continue reading

pitch packet

Working on a graphic novel pitch packet

This past summer, I had a goal of creating a pitch packet for my spooky middle grade graphic novel. Somehow I managed to lose sight of this goal, likely due to some fear-based procrastination. I’ve noticed throughout my life that when I’m just about to take the next step in a creative endeavor, I just avoid it and shut down. Last week during Thanksgiving I decided that I had to get it finished by January 1. It wasn’t a huge project, and it’s one that I want to get published traditionally. I figure that an agent can help me iron out the kinks, or perhaps … Continue reading

How to Pitch a graphic Novel

How to Pitch a Graphic Novel

You ever wonder how to pitch a graphic novel? Lately I’ve been in thinking about how to make the change from thinking about completing a project to actually completing it. Big projects like a graphic novel are daunting; I’ve found it helpful to break a big project into smaller tasks. If you work steadily and simply focus on the task at hand, you can get the project done, rather than flailing about haphazardly. I have many story ideas. Some are destined for this site as a webcomic, and others are ones that I’d like to see published traditionally or kickstarted. … Continue reading