How to create a Linktree style links page with GeneratePress Premium

I see a lot of people using Linktree & other services to create a ‘special’ & ‘pretty’ page of buttons instead of just linking to their homepage. It is a sensible idea to provide a mobile optimized set of links, especially if you have a specific link you want to direct people to from your latest post.

But with the advent of WordPress’s block editor (aka Gutenberg), anyone with a WordPress website can easily make their own page. It may not look as pretty as Linktree or Milkshake but it could if you want to put some time into it.

Personally, I just want a simple page of links, and maybe a form to subscribe to my mailing list that works well on mobile and desktop. So I made one for myself and recorded the process for you to follow.

Important: you’ll need GeneratePress Premium

I use WordPress and GeneratePress Premium (referral link) to build most of my websites (for me and for clients). GeneratePress is a super light weight, fast, and flexible theme that lets you customize just about everything without needing to know any code. (However, it’s also super-friendly for devs like me to do cool things with code so it’s the best of both worlds.) This is the theme worth ditching Squarespace, Wix, and other crappy page builders for.

FYI you don’t need GP Premium to create a page of links, if you don’t mind the page looking like a regular page on your website instead of a focused page of links.

The GP Premium feature I’m using here is Disable Elements. It let’s me turn off things like the navigation menu, the footer, etc., so I’m left with just the header (ie my site logo) and some buttons.

How to create a page of only buttons

The video explains it all, but here are the steps written out:

  1. Activate GeneratePress Premium & enable the Disable Elements feature
  2. Create a new page
  3. In the Layout meta box do the following:
    • Set Sidebar Layout to No Sidebars
    • Check the following boxes under Disable Elements: Top Bar, Primary Navigation, Featured Image/Page Header, Content Title, Footer
  4. Add a GeneratePress Container block
    • Set its width to 320px
    • Set its padding to 0
  5. Add a GeneratePress Buttons block
    • Set the main Buttons block (ie not an individual button) to Stack Vertically and Fill Horizontal Space
  6. Add buttons
    • Set button colors
    • Be sure to add 20px bottom margin if you want vertical space between the buttons
    • Duplicate the button as needed
    • Edit the button text & links
  7. Publish the page

Here’s what mine looks like:

web capture 9 3 2022 141337
Click the image to see the actual page.

Bonus 1: Create a link to track traffic from Instagram

  1. Go to
  2. Enter url to your links page in Website URL
  3. Enter ‘Instagram’ in Campaign Source
    • Customize for Twitter, Facebook, etc as needed
    • You can use Campaign Medium & Campaign Name if you want to get really specific
  4. Copy the generated URL at the bottom and use that as your bio/profile link

Bonus 2: Track your link clicks with

  1. Go to
  2. Shorten your link
  3. Use the bit link as your bio/profile link (check out my Instagram profile for an example)

That’s it – drop a comment if you have a question or if something’s not clear

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