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Digging deeper into Patreon

#24: Digging deeper into Patreon

This week I discuss Patreon and an interview with it’s co-founder, Jack Conte. /// Membership is about that stronger relationship between a creator and their most important fans and the belief in that creator and their ongoing artistic expression. The creators who do best are the creators who deeply love their fans and whose fans deeply love them back if there’s a really strong connection. Jack Conte I’ve spoken at length that creatives need to look at marketing as building relationships (I echo this a lot in one-on-one interactions too). That removes the feel of trying to make someone buy … Continue reading

Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face. Mike Tyson

#21: Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face

Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face. Mike Tyson This should be an evergreen quote in my repertoire of quotes. Almost at the level of Life finds a way. (I assume by this point in time that everybody knows that quote, except for toddlers.) But creators knows what Mike is talking about: everybody has a plan until adversity smacks you upside the head. Being stymied by lack of time, lack of energy, creative blocks, fear, doubt, judgement – you name it. All punches to the face that creators are well acquainted with. Some of them can … Continue reading

Content strategy for artists

#15: Content strategy for artists

Sorry I’m late today, had to drive halfway across Florida to pick a kid up. You know – usual parent stuff 😛 /// The end of procrastination is not about trying to do everything. It’s about not doing all the things. It’s deciding between what to do and what not to. It’s taking control over when you do what you decide to do. Jessica Abel I’ve been sitting on this quote for awhile. The overwhelm of thinking there are a million things that I have to do tends to result in a paralysis-like procrastination. But consciously deciding that I don’t … Continue reading

Patreon wannabes

#14: My latest comic & Patreon wannabes

A link to my latest comic, thoughts on every platform turning into Patreon, and 3 reading recommendations. /// A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people. Thomas Mann I forgot where I got this but I am so feeling it this week. I haven’t made a lot of progress on my myth story outline re-write. There’s something wrong with the story that I can’t quite place (that’s usually the case with anything that seems like ‘writer’s block’). On the plus, I FINALLY finished the 5 page dry run of the graphic memoir, … Continue reading

How to install WordPress

How to install WordPress the Easy Way

You wanna learn how to install WordPress and make a website? Are you a creative entrepreneur, or any old entrepreneur? You’re in luck because I finally got off my butt to start this video series, and it only took a pandemic to get me going. I look forward to sharing everything I know from building websites, configuring websites, designing websites, marketing, e-commerce, SEO – you name it. This first video on how to install WordPress covers the following: Why you need a website (and why not to rely on social media) How to install WordPress 1. Why do you need … Continue reading