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‘Fried Cheese Balls’ is the Intelligent South Asian Webcomic We’ve Been Waiting For

Laszlo layers candid personal reflections, as well as those of his characters, to create deeper dialogue around race, identity, family structures, and ancestral histories. To explore his identity, Laszlo starts with his parents. His mother’s background is inspected with the care of a scholar buried in old, treasured library books—with wild delight, child-like curiosity, and a wise, critical eye. It’s Laszlo’s refreshing cheekiness that allows him to explore topics like his parents’ arranged marriage with an astuteness that opens readers’ minds and invites them to experience topics both familiar and unfamiliar.
— Brown Girl Magazine

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This comic promises to be a thoughtful look at life as the child of Indian immigrants to America (and the identity issues that come with it) and starts with the marriage of the main character’s parents. I love what I’ve seen of this comic so far. It’s still new, so I can’t wait to see where it goes from here.

A Loosely Arranged Marriage…

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