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Working on a graphic novel pitch packet

This past summer, I had a goal of creating a pitch packet for my spooky middle grade graphic novel. Somehow I managed to lose sight of this goal, likely due to some fear-based procrastination. I’ve noticed throughout my life that when I’m just about to take the next step in a creative endeavor, I just avoid it and shut down. Last week during Thanksgiving I decided that I had to get it finished by January 1. It wasn’t a huge project, and it’s one that I want to get published traditionally. I figure that an agent can help me iron out the kinks, or perhaps … Continue reading

How to Pitch a graphic Novel

How to Pitch a Graphic Novel

You ever wonder how to pitch a graphic novel? Lately I’ve been in thinking about how to make the change from thinking about completing a project to actually completing it. Big projects like a graphic novel are daunting; I’ve found it helpful to break a big project into smaller tasks. If you work steadily and simply focus on the task at hand, you can get the project done, rather than flailing about haphazardly. I have many story ideas. Some are destined for this site as a webcomic, and others are ones that I’d like to see published traditionally or kickstarted. … Continue reading

Thoughts on Tolkien & writerly advice from the Tampa Bay Comic Con 2016

I decided to start reading The Fellowship of the Ring again after many, many years. The last time I read it was in 2001 before the movie came out, in an effort to know & remember the book before the movie potentially spoiled the memory. I didn’t know that I had no reason to worry because Tolkien is a writer who needed to be reeled in by an editor. Trying to read Tolkien is a chore. It’s actually not fun or interesting. You know That Guy in every bar who talks too much about stuff no one cares about? Tolkien is that guy in … Continue reading