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is SEO bullshit

Is SEO bullsh*t or what?

Many of y’all know that I’m a web monkey – my dayjob is building & working on websites. I’ve been doing this for over 15y and consider myself to be more of a business consultant with some technical skills. I’ve learned a fair bit about SEO along the way. I started a newsletter on January 21, with the objective of attracting an audience. For ‘SEO purposes’ the newsletter issues are also available on my site (though published a few days after subscribers get them). A couple of SEO points I picked up during my years – pretty straightforward, basic stuff: … Continue reading

portfolio websites

11 Things Portfolio Websites for Creative Entrepreneurs Need

Last week we talked about why you shouldn’t put all your eggs in a basket you don’t own. This week we’re talking about portfolio websites – the basket that you do own. And what those websites need to serve as the ideal hub for your online efforts. (If you’re not sure whether you own your site or not, check out last week’s post on digital sharecropping.) What’s the purpose of portfolio websites? Knowing what the website is for helps to focus on what it needs. Portfolio websites need to Get you found online Tell people who you are Tell people what you create Help build a relationship … Continue reading