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loki a bad god's guide to being good book cover

Loki: A Bad God’s Guide to Being Good

This is a first for my recommended reading: a book that has more space taken up by words than art. But this one is worth it, because The overall conceit of the book is great: Odin has banished Loki to life as a child on earth. If he can show ‘moral improvement’ in one month he’ll be allowed to return to Asgard; if he fails, he spends eternity in a stinky chamber with a snake dripping venom onto him (<— yay for a mythological reference). Joining him on earth as his ‘human’ family are Thor as his blond, better looking, … Continue reading

pitch packet

Working on a graphic novel pitch packet

This past summer, I had a goal of creating a pitch packet for my spooky middle grade graphic novel. Somehow I managed to lose sight of this goal, likely due to some fear-based procrastination. I’ve noticed throughout my life that when I’m just about to take the next step in a creative endeavor, I just avoid it and shut down. Last week during Thanksgiving I decided that I had to get it finished by January 1. It wasn’t a huge project, and it’s one that I want to get published traditionally. I figure that an agent can help me iron out the kinks, or perhaps … Continue reading