The bonsai tree

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The bonsai tree

I don’t know about you but I’ve learned a lot about people around me since 2015. I thought 2016 was plenty but 2020 blew it out of the water. While I rooted out most bigots 5 years ago, 2020 was learning whether people had any empathy, principles, or the ability to think critically.

And then we topped it all off with a predictable yet still shocking terrorist attack on our capitol involving bigots, brainwashed masses, and wannabe assassins. The minuscule tolerance I had evaporated.

Time is limited. Attention is limited. We can’t buy or make more of either. So I’m reducing the noise in my life by eliminating every person, place or thing that does not fulfill me. That leaves more time for people & things that matter.

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Arp Laszlo

Hi, I’m Arp! I make comics and write about life as an Indian-American with late-diagnosis ADHD. I’m a self-taught and self-employed creator so I write a lot about art, learning, and entrepreneurial stuff that I’ve picked up along the way.

My stories are kinda weird, because that’s just how I am. My formative influences are Indian mythology, Batman, Tintin, 70s Bollywood, Ray Harryhausen, and Monty Python. There’s no way anything normal could come out of that, right?

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