Fat with Promise All Along

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Fat with Promise All Along

This was my first attempt at a ‘short’ journal comic in ages (the last one was published in August). And my first post of any kind since February.

This is all due to a major life change – we moved from St. Petersburg, FL and it’s insane housing costs to Durham, NC at the end of March. That took up all of my energy for months, from the stress of finding a place to settling into the unknown.

This comic had to be made after a major life event, which is about finally seeing The Smashing Pumpkins but really about getting older and forgetting and remembering. And since I realized I had ADHD in November, I’ve thought a lot about the past, where everything makes sense now – except that comes with the realization that much of my goals and such were never going to happen.

Granted, many of those goals were not what an in-touch-with-myself self would have chosen but that’s the point. Not being in touch with myself meant trying to reach for things meaningless to me, using neurotypical methods that failed me repeatedly.

I really thought I’d have more to write but I guess the comic does most of the talking.  And I’m at the point where I’m done with this comic and just have to move on (back to my graphic memoir, which has some really cool stuff brewing). If I remember what I thought I’d say, I’ll just write a new blog post.

Lastly: I know there are misspellings in the comic. They’re not going to be fixed, this project is finito.

Links for the show (White Oak Amphitheatre, Greensboro NC 5/25/22)

The setlist

Video of the show

Better audio of the show (except for the drunk guy)

Have you lost touch with your inner self? I can’t be the only one.

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Arp Laszlo

Hi, I’m Arp! I make comics and write about life as an Indian-American with late-diagnosis ADHD. I’m a self-taught and self-employed creator so I write a lot about art, learning, and entrepreneurial stuff that I’ve picked up along the way.

My stories are kinda weird, because that’s just how I am. My formative influences are Indian mythology, Batman, Tintin, 70s Bollywood, Ray Harryhausen, and Monty Python. There’s no way anything normal could come out of that, right?

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