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How to download free brushes and other materials in Clip Studio Paint

How to download free brushes and other materials in Clip Studio Paint

Clip Studio Paint is my illustration software of choice. The main reason is because it’s a great program for drawing and painting, with a particularly sweet brush engine. But there’s a huge bonus that it comes with: easy access to a ton of free brushes, textures and other materials. CSP is an oddly named program. Both Comic Studio and Manga Studio, two of CSP’s former names, make sense. Clip Studio Paint, on the other hand, is just a little off. It’s actually two separate programs that work together: Clip Studio is where you can download & upload free brushes etc. for the program. They recently … Continue reading

A peak at my ever-evolving #comics #webcomics #process…

I was unhappy with the thumbnails (aka the rough sketch of a complete page). So I opened up the thumbnails in Clip Paint Studio (the app formerly known as Manga Studio) and Mischief.Mischief has a neat Window Opacity feature where you can use it while seeing everything that’s beneath it. I saw all of the elements in the page I wanted to fix without having to flip back & forth between two programs – cool! Mischief is quickly becoming my go to app for sketching & ideation. The infinite canvas, near infinite zooming & being able to navigate everything using … Continue reading

Changing the comic format…

After some feedback & consideration I’m switching the format of the comic from a strip to a page. I originally conceived the comic as being a daily strip with a lot of short, self-contained stories – very different from what the comic is at the moment. It will be better served as full page comic (more like a graphic novel), with the downside being less frequent updates. Creating as a page will make a big difference as I won’ be limited to 3-4 panels. Each page will be part of a story arc, of not a story unto its own. … Continue reading