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How to download free brushes and other materials in Clip Studio Paint

How to download free brushes and other materials in Clip Studio Paint

Clip Studio Paint is my illustration software of choice. The main reason is because it’s a great program for drawing and painting, with a particularly sweet brush engine. But there’s a huge bonus that it comes with: easy access to a ton of free brushes, textures and other materials. CSP is an oddly named program. Both Comic Studio and Manga Studio, two of CSP’s former names, make sense. Clip Studio Paint, on the other hand, is just a little off. It’s actually two separate programs that work together: Clip Studio is where you can download & upload free brushes etc. for the program. They recently … Continue reading


I’ve often, over the years, asked people ‘what do you think’ about this or that aspect of my art. Rare was the time I genuinely needed feedback or help to make a decision. Mostly I was unsure of my art & my choices. And this discussion was a way to avoid the actual work or completion of the piece. Most of the time I already knew the answer. When people responded, I knew whether their critique was relevant or accurate. Someone would kindly reply, and I’d know whether it was sensible or not. This is not to say all feedback is … Continue reading

Thoughts on the #iPadPro, #digitalart and #productivity

Update: the iPad Pro has come a long way and the Pencil is way better than the Surface Pen. Multiple devices aside, now that Clip Studio Paint is on iOS, I own an iPad Pro for drawing, Apple revealed the iPad Pro last week and digital art creators everywhere are agog. The bigger screen and the (so tempted to pull a Jony Ive and thrown in revolutionary here) Pencil answer the needs of a lot of artists. We like larger areas to draw & paint and most styluses are mediocre at best. If you create most of your digital art on an … Continue reading