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Dr. Ian Malcolm
What’s Arp? Issue #7: Steve Jobs, Creativity, Style & Soap Boxes

#7: Steve Jobs, Creativity, Style & Soap Boxes

Today’s writing should be interesting – I had a rough night of sleep thanks to a pulled back muscle. A muscle I pulled while washing dishes yesterday. Middle age: that part of life where involuntary learning about anatomy happens. And wishing that there was a real life disabled list to go on where I could wallow in pain and not do any work. /// Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something. Steve Jobs I forgot where I came … Continue reading

What’s Arp? Issue #6: Neil Gaiman, Authenticity, Patreon & Social Media

#6: Neil Gaiman, Authenticity, Patreon & Social Media

Good morning people! Our ranks are growing, and it’s nice to know that I’m not shooting missives into the ether. It would, however, be nice to hear from you sometime! I’d like to have a conservation rather than just spout (though it is helpful to get some stuff off my chest). /// Neil Gaiman & Authenticity I’ve been watching Neil Gaiman’s masterclass on The Art of Storytelling this week, on & off. It’s not a binge watching type of thing for me, where I’m trying to suck it all in fast as possible to Become a Better Writer Immediately. So … Continue reading

What’s Arp?!! Issue 5: Open loops & Wolfwalkers

#5: Open loops & Wolfwalkers

This one should be interesting because this morning my mind is blank (except for having Skid Row’s ‘I Remember You’ stuck in my head). One sucky aspect about middle age is having days thrown off-kilter from one night of bad sleep. I got 2h of sleep Tuesday night and it feels like I still need some catch up winks. Good thing I keep a list of topic ideas and stuff in my Notes app. I’m sure once I get going, the only thing that’ll stop me is my self-imposed two hour writing time limit. (Lol that didn’t happen) /// Keeping … Continue reading

What’s Arp?!!! Newsletter #4

#4: Productivity & emotional baggage

Hey – we’ve finally got a name for this newsletter: WHAT’S ARP? It’s two questions, a pun, and a massive dad joke all-in-one. It’s perfect! I’d like to take credit for it – but I can’t. One my peeps from Kids Comics United made the suggestion after I posted my ideas there for feedback (you can read up on KCU in my post on finding community). So a shoutout & big thanks to Nadia! (I’d link to her site but she keeps a low profile.) /// What’s Arp thinking? The puns are never going to stop now. And I’m going … Continue reading

How do we use corporations more than they use us

#3: How do we use corporations more than they use us?

Here we are again – another week where I looked forward to writing this morning. I guess this is like therapy, kinda like Morning Pages or daily journaling. Welcome to my psyche, you might never leave. Let’s start off this week with a quote that relates precisely to what I’m trying to do with this newsletter and my creative work in general: Find your voice, shout it from the rooftops, and keep doing it until the people that are looking for you find you. Dan Harmon You might recall me mentioning Dan Harmon and his Story Circle a couple of … Continue reading

Kids Comics Unite

#2: Finding community

I was going to wait and write the next newsletter in two weeks – except I actually looked forward to writing this morning. Usually writing a blog post is a big to do. I have a specific topic in mind, which tends to involve research. It has to be well-written and well-organized (writing is a kung fu skill of mine). And some of the writing lessons drilled into my head in my freshman high school English class (introduction, arguments, substantiation, conclusion) rear their heads and make sure that I don’t half-ass it. Thanks Mr. Reidy – I learned maybe 3 … Continue reading


#1: Dan Harmon, Kyle Starks, & other stuff

I’ve decided to give an honest go of blogging/newslettering – which means I’m going to write a regular blog post that gets sent out to my newsletter subscribers and gets posted to my blog. Except my newsletter subscribers are cooler so they get to read this first (if you’re reading this on my website then my newsletter subscribers read it 5 days ago, nyah nyah nyah). I’m not sure whether regular means weekly or biweekly, but pondering the past week on a Saturday morning seems like a really good time to write a blog post – basically whatever’s been on … Continue reading