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I’ve loathed New Year’s Resolutions for years. People should be taking stock and reviewing their lives regularly; doing it once a year is not enough. But I have to admit that the end of the year, with the holidays and Workus Interruptus, is a good to time to stop & consider things deeply.

And consider I have. Despite the last few months being some of the best ever for my website development business, I’ve never felt less satisfied. It’s easy to push feelings aside with the busy-ness of work & deadlines. But with time to think & ponder, things start to become more apparent.

It feels almost like a midlife crisis. Maybe it is – I can’t really define it except knowing that change is necessary. And that things can’t continue as is for the next 5, 10, 20 years. The thought of being 10 years older and living the same life is horrifying; I really don’t know how people do it.

The  modern prison, unoccupied.

I remember one guy from the Worst Job I Ever Had (working at the Financial Times – ugh). His name was Howie. He dressed in shades of beige and blended into the cubicle farm. He didn’t smile or interact much with others; he almost never made eye contact with another soul. He seemed completely and utterly resigned.
I don’t know what he would do (or is doing) in retirement. Would he be happy? Would he recapture the joy of living? I don’t know how one would undo years and years of such conditioning. I shudder to think what he rues – or if he’s resigned in that respect as well.

Here’s what I do know: I don’t want to be like Howie.

Yes, it’s unlikely but if you don’t watch yourself, temporary things can become long-term things as your habits take over your life. So the choices of what you do regularly become important; if your habits are not supporting your life goals, you’re done for.

Enter, Leonardo da Vinci, thanks to Adam Westbrook:

With the mainstream media obsessed with youth in all forms, it’s easy to feel unaccomplished in your 40s. Westbrook’s video is a timely reminder that everyone’s timeline – as well as everyone’s path – to success is different. Here’s Part 2:

Time to get to work on The Missing Chapter and gear my habits to support those goals. That means exercising & eating better (2 consecutive days of exercise have resulted in a clear head this morning), and committing to a schedule for my webcomics & nascent podcast. It also means dropping any martial art for the foreseeable future since there’s only so much time in a day.

If you dug the videos, I highly recommend supporting Adam Westbrook on Patreon. Patreon is an awesome platform to support creators by pledging a small donation on a regular basis. I’m proud to support Adam and other creators who I enjoy & believe in.

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My stories are kinda weird, because that’s just how I am. My formative influences are Indian mythology, Batman, Tintin, 70s Bollywood, Ray Harryhausen, and Monty Python. There’s no way anything normal could come out of that, right?

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