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Twittering for creators: using Tweetdeck to build your career

I’ve been on Twitter for 13 years, or so Twitter informed me recently. I’m surprised it’s still here; there were so many attempts at social media that came & went in the early days. Anyone remember FriendFeed or Twibes? All they were was just dust in the wind, dude. Note: feel free to skip ahead to the headlined sections. Today I’m not focused on copywriting and I’m allowing myself to ramble 😉  Topics: Who’s this tutorial for? What is Twitter? What’s the point of Twitter for creatives? What happens when you find someone whose tweets you’re interested in? How to search tweets … Continue reading

Supreme Court rules Bobby Jindal not a Person of Indian Origin; Jindal agrees

Supreme Court rules Bobby Jindal not a Person of Indian Origin; Jindal sues to be designated ‘White’

NEW DELHI, India – The Supreme Court of India has ruled that Bobby Jindal is not and may not be referred to as a Person of Indian Origin (PIO). Mr. Jindal, a former Indian-American, filed a lawsuit in response. The origins of the case lie in a political controversy that erupted in 2015. A portrait of Mr. Jindal with fair colored skin was shared on the social network Twitter. This resulted in both internet memes and a vehement discussion on race & identity. The painting is not Mr. Jindal’s official portrait. It was painted by local artist Tommy Yow, Jr. … Continue reading