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Favorite movies Raiders of the Lost Ark

#13: Favorite movies

Coloring comics & movie movies movies! /// If I’m going to sing like someone else, then I don’t need to sing at all. Billie Holiday I heard this fine bit of wisdom from Brian McDonald’s excellent podcast, You Are A Storyteller. I tried to editorialize on it (I’ve written & deleted several paragraphs so far) but it speaks for itself. /// What I’m working on It’s been nearly 2 weeks since I stopped taking allergy meds, and after being waylaid last week by post 2nd dose side effects, this was my most productive week in well over a month. I … Continue reading

What’s Arp Issue #8: Authenticity, Jerry Seinfeld, & Productivity

#8: Authenticity, Jerry Seinfeld, & Productivity

Hey – we made it through another week! Our president doesn’t tweet nonsense all the time, and apparently the center of the universe is Joe Manchin. Still, an improvement the previous 4 years. Hey Dirtay – Congress has your money! /// What is authenticity if not actually doing the things you claim you care about day in and day out? Jessica Abel I spoke at length about authenticity two weeks ago in the Neil Gaiman issue (the first of many, I’m sure – eventually I’ll re-read The Sandman for the first time in years and finally notice all the thing … Continue reading

Kids Comics Unite

#2: Finding community

I was going to wait and write the next newsletter in two weeks – except I actually looked forward to writing this morning. Usually writing a blog post is a big to do. I have a specific topic in mind, which tends to involve research. It has to be well-written and well-organized (writing is a kung fu skill of mine). And some of the writing lessons drilled into my head in my freshman high school English class (introduction, arguments, substantiation, conclusion) rear their heads and make sure that I don’t half-ass it. Thanks Mr. Reidy – I learned maybe 3 … Continue reading