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#11: Creative advice … or not

The intro quote takes me on an unexpected, and slightly unwelcome trip down memory lane. Plus Hellboy! /// “You will never be good enough and that’s ok. Trying to get better is what really matters. The joy of what we do is in the making.” This was said to me by a visiting artist in school when I was 11 and it stayed with me. Jorge Gutierrez I’m not sure I got any good artistic advice when I was a kid – at least nothing that stuck with me. I drew a lot and enjoyed it. There was an art … Continue reading

Stripped the comics documentary

#9: What got me into comics?

What are your first memories of comics? What got you into comics? That’s what this issue is going to cover, along with Kenny Rogers, Rebecca Sugar, Hellboy and – surprise – some talk about what I’ve actually been working on. /// Every gambler knowsThe secret to survivin’Is knowin’ what to throw awayAnd knowin’ what to keep. Don Schlitz TIL that The Gambler was not written by Kenny Rogers but by a cat named ‘Don Schlitz’ (whose name I’m going to steal for a story). And that it was recorded a couple of times before Kenny Rogers made it famous – … Continue reading