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Aunty won't stop staring at desis she's never seen before

No one in family knows if Auntie-ji is related to them or not

KOLKATA, INDIA – The Amritraj family reports that no one knows if Auntie-ji is related to them or not. She has been at all family gatherings for the last 43 years and is considered a part of the family. It is unclear which side of the family she is from or if she is an actual relative or not. “The whole family has come together for my cousin-brother’s wedding,” said Akaash Amritraj, 43, who flew in with his family from Detroit. “And my eldest asked who Auntie-ji was. I’d never thought about it before – Auntie-ji has always been here. She comes … Continue reading

Favorite grandson returns to India after 12 years, family wishes he had been a little bit taller

Favorite grandson returns to India after 12 years, family wishes he had been a little bit taller

KOLKATA, India – Sonu Mitra, 22, visited India for the first time in 12 years this week. While his family is happy he turned out fair skinned, they wish he was a little bit taller. Mr. Mitra traveled to Kolkata, India after spending a post-graduate summer in the Poconos. Earlier in the year he had graduated from Northwestern with a useless BA in Economics. Free from the burdens of compulsory education he felt it was time to re-connect with his family. Said Mr. Mitra,”I’d been in school for 16 years straight. And it was all required, including college because I would have been … Continue reading

Clyde Waddell’s amazing photos: A Yank’s Memories of Calcutta

I’ve devoted a lot of time in the strip so far to research, trying to figure out how people dressed back in the 1940s, taking a look at streets & vehicles, etc. Whilst Googling, I came across these fantastic pictures by Clyde Waddell, an American military photographer who was in Calcutta around 1945-1946. He took pictures, at the behest of his friends, and added some fantastic commentary. Click on a photo to open up a nice carousel viewer. This work is in the public domain in the United States because it is a work prepared by an officer or employee … Continue reading

The best mishti in Kolkata is still there!

Hot damn. I’m doing a little research this morning, looking for photo references for the comic. I was specifically looking to see if Google Maps had taken a pic of our road (Manicktola Street) or not (they hadn’t). My backup was finding other typical 3 story homes instead. Naturally because the internet is involved this became a bittersweet rabbithole. It all started with the map: It’s weird but cool that a Google Map exists of something that I only had in memory. I found our house pretty easily. I recall the names of a bunch of places: Hedua Park, where … Continue reading