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Child, 7, sets heart on marrying someone with at least 4 arms

Child, 7, sets heart on marrying someone with at least 4 arms

AUSTIN, Texas – Kiran Malhotra, 7, has decided to marry someone with at least 4 arms when they grow up. This decision was made after much deliberation last week. Kiran, a student at Clearview Sudbury School, was at Zilker Park with friends and family. After climbing some rocks and battling with Nerf guns, Kiran decided to relax at Barton Creek and make important decisions for the future. Decision #1 was going to Disney World after the new Star Wars park opens. Decision  #2 was going to veterinary school to become a veterinarian (even though Ramesh Uncle seems to think becoming a human doctor instead of … Continue reading

Barbie Kali

I like Barbie Kali

Naturally, there are plenty of Indians offended by this art but I’m not one of them. My only quibble is the blond hair, which just doesn’t work with the blue skin. I’m curious how many other Indian-Americans out there just thought that our gods & goddesses were Kooler Than Jesus (see what I did there – besides dating myself…). Walking on water is pretty cool; so is parting the Red Sea. Turning water into wine didn’t sound cool until I hit college. But our gods could disintegrate you with one glance from their third eye (Shiva). Or throw lightning bolts … Continue reading