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Supreme Court rules Bobby Jindal not a Person of Indian Origin; Jindal agrees

Supreme Court rules Bobby Jindal not a Person of Indian Origin; Jindal sues to be designated ‘White’

NEW DELHI, India – The Supreme Court of India has ruled that Bobby Jindal is not and may not be referred to as a Person of Indian Origin (PIO). Mr. Jindal, a former Indian-American, filed a lawsuit in response. The origins of the case lie in a political controversy that erupted in 2015. A portrait of Mr. Jindal with fair colored skin was shared on the social network Twitter. This resulted in both internet memes and a vehement discussion on race & identity. The painting is not Mr. Jindal’s official portrait. It was painted by local artist Tommy Yow, Jr. … Continue reading

Aziz Ansari in India

Aziz Ansari Goes to India

I just finished watching Parks & Recreation last week (boo hoo :() and developed a much greater appreciation for Aziz Ansari over the last few months. The guy is effortlessly funny and entertaining as hell. He just wrote a short article in the New York Times about going back to India for a family wedding that’s worth a quick read: I relate to my cousins in wildly different ways. We all get along well, but it’s easier to connect with some more than with others. Three of them grew up in the States; four were born in India, but later moved to New … Continue reading

Love this Aziz Ansari bit on thanking our parents

I discovered Aziz Ansari only in the last couple of years. Yes, I’ve been living under a rock – also known as I don’t have cable. He’s funny as shit and like all great comedy there’s truth behind it. I certainly have it easier than my parents did (though I did move to Costa Rica for awhile to make things interesting). And I’m not sure wtf I’d tell my kids about serious struggles I’ve had. To be honest, I’ve never faced much racism in my life.(distinct possibility: I’m oblivious).