The family home, second floor

The family home, second floor

The family home, second floor

Finally, the second floor is done – and I’m on day 56 of the 100 days of making comics challenge! I’m sick of all this isometric work though. Making the art is easy but creating the text is a chore. The process in Clip Studio Paint is:

  • write the blurb
  • rasterize it
  • mesh transform

It sounds simple but the mesh transform means rotating it and manually dragging the corners so the text looks like it’s on an isometric plane. If it didn’t look so cool, I would skip it.

I’ve only got the 3rd floor left, which hopefully will go quicker. But at least I can script & thumbnail the next real page too.

So…. do you notice anything different about the art? I added some paper texture. Starting to get fancy.

In other news have you seen my other comic? (I don’t like using ‘other’ twice in one sentence but I’m too tired to come up with anything better.) That’s a primary reason the last two pages here have been so delayed. But when you’re inspired, you gotta run with it.

And when you’re not inspired, roll up your damn sleeves and get to work. Make meaningful progress every day, whether you feel like it or not.

That might be a loose definition of ‘professional.’

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