Comic writing advice from Lilah Sturges

In 2011, I went to my first comic-con- Wizard World in Austin. It was fun and something I took my older kids (then 9 & 6) for half a day too. I didn’t go to very many panels but one has stayed with me: Wizard Writing School with Lilah Sturges & Nathan Edmonson.

I’ll admit that I had no clue who either was and I only went to the panel out of mild interest. But it sparked something in me. I don’t remember anything they said; what stayed with me is Hey – I can do that too.

So recently I’ve been reading Fables from beginning to end. This was prompted when I found out that the series was finally coming to a conclusion and I happened to be on the lookout for something to read.
Part of the series involves reading Jack of Fables, a spin-off written by Bill Willingham and … Lilah Sturges. Who I happen to follow on Twitter. And who I happened to see in my feed and decided on a lark to ask her for some advice:

[ sorry, this tweet is no longer available ]

I didn’t expect her to respond – people are busy and with a nice writing career she’s probably not spending tons of time on social media.

A few hours later I noticed that I had a bunch of notifications on Twitter. Lo and behold, Lilah was kind enough to share some advice on writing comics:

Very, very appreciated Lilah. Thank you.

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