Child loves playing outside, family worried she’ll get too dark from the sun

Child loves playing outside, family worried she'll get too dark from the sun

ASHEVILLE, NC – Manisha Kapoor, 9, loves playing outside but her family is concerned that she’ll get too dark from playing in the sun. Every time she comes inside after playing, her mother or father reminds her that she’ll get too dark.

“I love playing outside,” said Ms. Kapoor, a 4th grader at Vance Elementary. “I play soccer with my friends and climb trees and go exploring. But whenever I go back home, someone has to mention how I’m going get ‘too dark’. It’s weird because my other friends are usually trying to get tans.”

“Manisha is young and doesn’t understand yet,” said her father, Ranjit. “Darker skin will, at the very least, affect her matrimonial opportunities. And societally lighter skin is an advantage. Even here in America we can see how much easier the goras have it. The police actively try not to shoot them and they have no problem renting from Airbnb. What more could anyone ask for?”

“Yes, it much easier being fair-skinned,” said her mother, Kulminder. “And she has to think about the future because she won’t be a child forever. We’ve already seen how the darker children in our community, poor things, have a much hard time on the matrimonial websites. They get half the profile views of the fair skinned ones.”

“Historically, being fair has always had advantages,” continued her father. “Typically the lower castes are darker skinned. The ruling parties in India have usually been fair skinned, including those bastard British. And have you ever heard of white people being slaves to darker people? It just doesn’t happen that way. We are only keeping Manisha’s best interests in mind.”

“I just ignore them because being in the sun makes me happy,” said Ms. Patel. “And I figure if I just keep getting tanned, eventually I’ll get so dark they’ll just give up.”

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My stories are kinda weird, because that’s just how I am. My formative influences are Indian mythology, Batman, Tintin, 70s Bollywood, Ray Harryhausen, and Monty Python. There’s no way anything normal could come out of that, right?

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